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Game information

Game type

Payout system Best Online Slots


Payout system High volatility

Max Win

Payout system 192825


Payout system Sports

Return to player

Payout system 96.15%

Main Info

  • Wild Symbol
  • Scatter Symbol
  • Multiplier
  • Free Spins
  • High volatility
  • 5 Reels
  • Min Bet £0.10 (GBP)
  • Max Bet £50 (GBP)
  • Reels 7
  • Paylines 7


What is Honey Rush?

Are you a fan of slot games that offer a sweet twist? Look no further than Honey Rush, a delightful slot game that will have you buzzing with excitement. In this article, we will explore the ins and outs of this captivating game, from its unique features to tips on how to maximize your winnings. So grab a cup of tea, sit back, and let's dive into the world of Honey Rush!

Developer: Play N Go
Play N Go
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Honey Rush 100 Review

Table of Contents

Unleash the Sweetness with Honey Rush: A Slot Game Review

Honey Rush is a popular slot game that takes players on a journey through a vibrant garden filled with colorful flowers and, of course, sweet honey. Developed by Play’n GO, this game stands out from the crowd with its innovative hexagonal grid layout and cluster pays mechanic. Instead of traditional paylines, players can form winning combinations by landing clusters of symbols on the grid.

How to Play Honey Rush

To start playing Honey Rush, simply set your desired bet amount and hit the spin button. The game features various symbols, including different types of flowers, honey pots, and, of course, adorable bees. By landing clusters of matching symbols, you can trigger wins and potentially unlock exciting bonus features.

One of the standout features of Honey Rush is the Rush Meter, which fills up as you land winning combinations. Once the Rush Meter is full, you will enter the Rush feature, where you can enjoy multipliers and the chance to win big prizes.

Sweet Features of Honey Rush

  • Cluster Pays: Instead of traditional paylines, Honey Rush rewards players for landing clusters of matching symbols.
  • Rush Meter: Fill up the Rush Meter to unlock the Rush feature and enjoy exciting bonuses.
  • Multipliers: During the Rush feature, you can benefit from multipliers that boost your winnings.
  • Honey Pot Symbol: Keep an eye out for the honey pot symbol, as it can lead to generous payouts.

Tips for Winning Big in Honey Rush

  • Keep an Eye on the Rush Meter: Filling up the Rush Meter is key to unlocking the game’s lucrative bonus features.
  • Bet Wisely: Adjust your bet amount according to your budget to ensure a longer gaming session.
  • Stay Patient: Like bees collecting nectar, success in Honey Rush requires patience and perseverance.


In conclusion, Honey Rush is a delightful slot game that offers a unique and engaging gaming experience. With its charming theme, innovative features, and the potential for big wins, this game is sure to captivate players of all levels. So why not give Honey Rush a spin and see if you can uncover the sweet rewards hidden within the garden?

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I play Honey Rush for free before wagering real money?
    Yes, you can try out Honey Rush for free in demo mode before deciding to play with real money.

  2. Are there any special bonus features in Honey Rush?
    Yes, Honey Rush features the Rush Meter and Rush feature, which offer exciting bonuses and multipliers.

  3. Is Honey Rush available on mobile devices?
    Yes, you can enjoy Honey Rush on your mobile device for gaming on the go.

  4. What is the RTP (Return to Player) of Honey Rush?
    The RTP of Honey Rush is 96.50%, offering players a fair chance of winning.

  5. Can I play Honey Rush at online casinos?
    Yes, you can find Honey Rush at various online casinos offering games from Play’n GO.

Unlock the sweetness of Honey Rush and immerse yourself in a world of colorful flowers, buzzing bees, and sweet wins. Happy spinning!


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