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Casitsu Partners Nominated For Askgamblers Award
May 18, 2021

When you visit the famous gambling hot spots in Las Vegas, Casinos seemingly occupy every inch of town. No further than a few steps, and you should find yourself at the door step of some casino. Even if blind folded. Yet, advertisement for these casinos can be found at every corner. You will find them in your hotel room, in the hotel lobby, on billboards, in the news papers, on TV, and on the internet. Why advertise when people are already standing bang in the middle of gambling mecca? The answer is trees. Or rather "you can't see the forest for the trees.". Casinos are everywhere and they are legion! Which one should you pick? Which one suits your style? Which one has the better carpet, better drinks, better anything? Advertising, when done correctly, speaks to what you want and helps you make a choice. Online Casinos fair no different. The internet is a vast, streched out, digital Las Vegas and all of the world's online casinos are just a few keyboard strokes away. Which one do you pick?

Well? Which one?

This is where online casino advertisement becomes important. Yes, the scourge of the internet - dreaded pop-ups, flashing GIFs, pesky email marketing, pop-unders, pop-overs, pop-all-around-yous. This is not how casino advertising looks like, anymore. In fact, such obnoxious and intrusive ways of advertising are a thing of the past. Fast moving consumer goods have taken up the mantle of being the worst perpetrators of pushy ad campaigns on the internet. As far as the world wide web is concerned, advertisers and publishers for online gambling services have dug themselves a nieche where the target audience are mostly people already interested in the online casino experience. Google and Publishers are the brochure rack. And the featured Casinos are the brochures on that rack. Now what? Which one do you pick?

Gambling Advertising Has Become A Merit Based Business

From the perspective of a player, there should be nothing bad or immoral about a Casino seeking to advertise their brand on a publisher's website. Advertisement and advertisement partnerships are normal and are the status quo for any product. How else is a brand to find its audience? But we all know about fake Amazon reviews, Google Adwords and the reason for an ad to be at the top of a page. There used to be a time when Amazon reviews were trustworthy. This time has come and gone. Now, a huge percentage of the reviews are incentivized reviews, professional reviews, or straight-up fake reviews. In the online gambling sector, things are beginning to look a bit different. Yes, advertisement still costs money and, yes, publishers will always favor brands that earn them a good buck. Did you believe that gambling websites are consumer charities first and foremost? They are not. But they are more and more becoming a real service. Good publishers have understood, that in order to maintain credibility, usefulness and relevance, they need to provide an actual service. A service to the customer, and a service to the advertiser. This creates a precariously fragile balance that has to be kept up by the publisher.

Askgamblers Are The Future Of iGaming Publishing

Casitsu Casino are still the new kids on the block, and when we launched, one of the first publishers we approached were Askgamblers. As a new online casino, it often feels like there is only a small chance that our brand, of all others, will get to see the light of day amongst the looming giants of the industry. Askgamblers, however, have surprised us. Working with them has been a pleasure. In them we have found a fair and polite partner that was willing to give us a chance based entirely on our merit as a brand and partner program. They gave us the oportunity to prove our ability to balance our responsibility to the player and to the publisher alike; to create a sustainable cooperation that serves to bring us to the attention of our valued players. Sustainability is the key word in all of this. Askgamblers allows for this. And this may just be part of the reason to their success and becoming one of the major key elements in today's online gambling environment.

We are therefore deeply honored to be nominated for 2021's list of best partner programs. To us this proves that we are on the right track and hope to only improve further from here.

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