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Virtual Reality in the Time of Online Casinos Growth – What’s the Connection?

Sep 21, 2021 Virtual Reality in the Time of Online Casinos Growth

The gambling industry is among the sectors that have witnessed great technological advancement. Long gone are the days when players had to identify with a particular brick and mortar casino to be allowed to play. Today, players can conveniently gamble from their PCs and on the go on their mobile smartphones and tablets.
The games have also evolved with most of them being more entertaining as a result of the great graphics, animations and sound effects. The live casino games have been among the most entertaining ones, with players accessing 3D streaming of the events at a live studio.
The gambling industry is however about to witness the greatest invention, with the Virtual reality innovation that will transport players from the conventional casino experience to an immersive gaming experience. This article looks at the changing gambling industry virtual reality casinos and the future of this exciting technological advancement

Virtual Reality Casinos-What are they?

If you have been a fan of video games, you might have a clue of how virtual reality simulation works. Simply put, you get to watch a 3D enactment of a particular real event. As a result, you get to enjoy a lifelike gaming experience similar to the experience that you may get at the real casino premises.

How do Virtual Reality Casinos Operate?

Virtual reality casinos offer you an immersive gaming experience where you can play casino games and also enjoy extra features that make gaming exciting. However, your gaming device must meet certain requirements to be able to run smoothly to get you the greatest enjoyment. The requirements include:

  • A VR headset.
  • An igaming device that meets the right operating system requirements.
  • What are the Features that are Available at Virtual Reality Casinos?

    As witnessed in science fiction movies and live casino studios, you can enjoy most of the realistic features that are available at the real gaming environment on your gaming device. Consequently, some of the features that you can expect to access at a virtual reality casino include:

  • Live chat feature
  • You should be able to get the chat feature to work whereby you can communicate with other players and the dealer. This transports you to the real like gaming premises of the online casino website that you are playing from.
  • Exclusive 3D Game tables
  • Players can get an awesome gaming experience with the best angles and 3D display of the activities at the gaming studio at the Virtual reality casino tables. Players can also enjoy all the fun that comes with live dealer games but with much higher quality graphics and overall enjoyment.
  • Real like casino sound effects and background
  • Your imagination will be transported a notch higher, to the social and lively real like casino gaming floor at the Virtual reality casino. This means that you can enjoy the music and the lively sound effects that are reminiscent of a real casino.

    Pros and Cons of Virtual Reality Casinos

    Virtual reality is currently a new gaming casino online experience that is finding its way in the world of online gambling. As such, it has its strong points and a few teething problems which include:


  • Offers players an exciting gaming experience.
  • Players get access to higher quality of graphics and a more imaginative gaming experience.
  • Casino players get an enhanced social gaming experience while chatting live with the dealer and other players.
  • Disadvantages

  • It is a new trend hence the available virtual reality games variety is limited
  • It requires one to have a technologically advanced gaming device
  • Immersive gaming experience may make players less attentive to the ongoing activities in their surroundings.
  • Players may get addicted to the fun of playing virtual reality games at the expense of other obligations.
  • Which Games can you Play at Virtual Reality Casinos?

    Players can look forward to enjoying all the major game varieties at the virtual reality casinos. These include:

  • Virtual realistic slot machines
  • Players can enjoy 3D animations of their favourite slot games.
  • Virtual reality table games
  • Players can also enjoy other games such as 3D table games. Players simply need to choose 3D virtual reality live tables where they can interact with other players and chat with the live dealer.
  • Virtual reality casino poker
  • Poker is among the social games that bring players together in the poker tournaments. Poker fans can enjoy an interactive session where they can get tips and polish their skills when playing live virtual reality poker using free chips. The current virtual reality poker is however only available for entertainment purposes only. Participants may not reap cash rewards from the platform currently, but they can pick valuable skills and strategies while also getting an entertaining poker gaming experience.

    How has Virtual Reality Increased the Fun and Enjoyment in Online Casino Gambling?

    There is no doubt that the world of casino gambling has attracted a large number of bettors in casino and Sportsbetting. However, few people have the time or the resources to visit brick and mortar casinos and casino resorts. Furthermore, not all casino players can fit into the available casino premises. Casino operators therefore invested in online casino websites and online casino games to tap into the customer base of players who do not have access to casino premises and resorts. As a further development, online casino operators have invested in live casino studios and broadcasting their games live to their players.
    Virtual reality is the latest development in making gaming more fun, immersive and interactive. Players can not only access gaming at Virtual reality casinos but can also interact with each other and play games in a near real gaming environment.
    Just like playing interactive video games, players are immersed into the gaming environment and are not distracted by outside forces once they get into a virtual reality casino. Players also enjoy better graphics and finer details in the game’s animations, better sound effects and overall a better gaming experience.

    How Does the Future of Virtual Reality Look Like?

    The recent years have witnessed some great changes in the gambling industry with gambling moving from casino premises and physical betting shops to online PC and mobile platforms. The industry has also seen a shift in the age bracket of the players to include more technology savvy players at a relatively younger age averaging 30 to 40 years. This significant change in the demographics of the online gamblers points to the conclusion that more players are playing online casino games on advanced technological gadgets. It is therefore correct to assume that this age group has a great chance of embracing virtual reality casino gaming. Consequently, the future of online casino Virtual reality is expected to witness the following effects:

  • Emergence of more Virtual reality casinos
  • The virtual reality casino gaming trend is relatively new and is bound to witness serious growth in the coming years. As a result, we are bound to witness more gaming operators turning to virtual reality software development. Most casino sites are also bound to incorporate virtual reality games into their sites for players who would wish to get the best online casino experience.
  • Development of more virtual reality casino games
  • It is highly likely that software developers are already in the process of developing more virtual reality casino games. Game providers such as Betsoft have been at the forefront of providing players with 3D games such as Virtual slots and table games that get players an immersive gaming experience. Game developers such as Microgaming, NetEnt and NextGen gaming are some of the top software providers who are expected to pioneer the virtual reality casino industry.
  • An even greater shift from land-based casinos to the igaming market
  • As gaming becomes more accessible in online casinos, punters and bettors will have even less need of visiting land-based casinos. The inconvenience of driving all the way to the casinos, playing at set times only and meeting the budgets for costly casino amenities will drive more people to the virtual reality online casinos.
  • Accessibility of virtual reality casinos on the mobile platforms
  • It has not been long since the first online casino was developed. A few years later, gaming on the mobile platforms has become the popular trend and it is merely a matter of time before software developers come up with software that can enable players to provide virtual reality gaming services over mobile smartphones.

    Since we are living in technologically advanced times, what might seem impossible at the moment might become possible within a few attempts. For example some casinos were downloaded only and now due to the online casino development, players can simply access the games on their mobile web browsers without downloading any software. While this remains to be seen, what is more certain is that Virtual casino games might soon be available to a large number of bettors across the globe.

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