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Baccarat vs. Blackjack – Differences, Strategies, Tips

Sep 16, 2021

Baccarat and Blackjack are among the player favorites in many land-based and online casinos. They are also among the games that players who like skill-based games opt for at most gambling sites. Part of their appeal for most players lies in the excitement of playing them and their low house edge.

A critical look at the games would however, draw some similarities and differences. If you’re wondering whether you should play Baccarat or Blackjack and if they are only meant for high-rollers, read the article to learn more about them. Here, you’ll also learn how to play Baccarat, how to play Blackjack and secret tips on how to win in these card games.

How to play Baccarat?

Baccarat is a card game where you bet on the outcome of the player, Banker or tie emerging as the winning hand with a total card value of 9 or close to 9. A correct prediction wins your bet back or the bet amount plus a profit depending on the outcome.

The aim in Baccarat

The aim in Baccarat is for the first 2 cards that are drawn getting a total of 9 or a total close to 9. You can bet on the Banker’s hand getting the best value, or the player’s hand getting a better score or the banker and the player’s hands getting an equal score.

Rules in Baccarat

There are some rules in Baccarat that must be followed in gameplay. There are also slight variations in the rules depending on the game variant that one is playing. The basic rules are that:

  • A banker or player’s hand stands when the first 2 cards totals 8 or 9 as this is considered a ‘Natural’. No additional card is dealt out.
  • Player stands( does not take more cards) on a card total or 6 or 7 and draws a third card if the totals are 0 to 5 and if the banker’s hand doesn’t win the round with an 8 or 9 total.
  • In the event a player stands, the banker hits (takes an extra card) when he has a value of 5 or less. The banker stands when he has a value of 6 and above.
  • A tie bet pays at 8 to 1 while bets on the player pay 1 to 1. Bets on the banker pay 1 to 1 and the house takes a commission of 5%.
  • Baccarat Tips and Strategies

    Once you understand how the card values determine the next decision and the ranking of the cards, it is possible to increase your chances of making wins by using the following tips:

  • Choose the best bet. For instance, betting on the banker increases your chance of winning, however, you must consider the small commission from the win.
  • Tie bets are the worst hand in Baccarat and you should avoid them.
  • You should scout for the best baccarat tables such as no-commission baccarat.
  • Gamble responsibly by choosing the correct bet limits that suit your budget.
  • Play at tables that have fewer decks of cards.
  • Learn how to play baccarat by practicing the game for free first before playing it for real money.
  • How to play Blackjack?

    Blackjack is a card game where you bet against the dealer, and the winning hand must get a value of 21 or closer to 21. It is available in online casinos and in land-based casinos.

    The aim in Blackjack

    The aim in blackjack is to get a hand value of 21 or close to 21 without going bust. You win by getting higher points than the dealer’ otherwise if he gets a higher point close to 21 you lose.

    Rules in Blackjack- How to Play Blackjack

    For a win to be declared, the dealer or player must attain certain points or make favorable decisions according to the following rules:

  • You lose if you go bust by getting points that exceed 21 regardless of the dealer’s card totals.
  • You get a payout of 3:2 if you land a blackjack (if the first 2 cards equal 21).
  • In case neither of the hands goes bust, whoever is close to 21 between the dealer and the player wins.
  • The dealer stands at 17.
  • Secrets and strategies to winning in Blackjack

    You should strive to always get a better payout when playing blackjack by applying the following strategies:

    1. Never surrender when you have a soft 16(an ace and a 5). You should also not stand when you have a soft 16. If you however have a hard 16 (16 card combination without an ace), you should stand if the dealer has a value of 2 to 6.
    2. You should always stand on a hard 17 or more since you stand a higher risk of going bust if you get an extra card. Always hit on soft 17 or less.
    3. Always take better control of your budget by utilizing betting strategies that direct you on how to place bets and the amounts that you should bet with. You can also play free blackjack or make use of the casino bonuses to practice playing online blackjack.

    Similarities in Baccarat and Blackjack

    Baccarat and Blackjack have a few peculiar similarities which distinguish them from other casino games:

    They are card games

    Unlike slots where the gameplay is based on spinning of reels or roulette where the wheel spins to determine where the ball lands, baccarat and blackjack are card games. Your wins or losses depend on the cards that you land and how well you make the decisions when playing the games.

    They are games of skill

    Baccarat and blackjack are not completely games of chance like slots and scratchcard games. You need some skills to know which decisions to make during a game round. You should know when to hit or stand or when to double your bets among other decisions. The more skills you have, the better your chances of increasing your payouts through wins.

    The Dealer or Banker’s hand is dealt after the Player’s

    In blackjack, the dealer draws his card after the player has drawn his. In baccarat, the banker's hand is also drawn after the player’s hand hence increasing the chances of the dealer’s or banker’s hand to make the best decision and win.

    They have a low house edge

    Baccarat and blackjack are among the games with a low house edge as compared to some other game varieties such as slots. The average house edge is around 1 to 1.5% while slot RTPs could go as low as 90%.

    It is possible to decrease the house edge using the best strategy

    You have a better chance of winning when you bet on the banker’s hand when playing Baccarat. The house edge is reduced to 1.06% while the house edge if you bet on the player remains at 1.24%. You can also decrease the house edge in blackjack to below 1% using the ‘Basic Strategy’.

    You bet against the Dealer in blackjack and on the banker's hand in Baccarat

    In blackjack, you always try to outsmart the dealer and get a better hand than his to emerge as the winner. You never bet against other players even when you play Multihand blackjack, or play with other players at the table. In online Baccarat, you bet on the player’s hand or the dealer’s hand or a tie. You do not bet against other players and your success depends on the decisions that you make.

    Each player gets 2 cards at the beginning of the game

    In blackjack online and baccarat online games, players get 2 cards and this could get you a win if you get a natural in blackjack or if your cards total 8 or 9 in baccarat. You can either choose to continue with the game round or leave the table depending on the outcome of your first 2 cards.

    Differences in Baccarat and Blackjack - Baccarat Vs Blackjack

    There are major differences in the gameplay and payouts in baccarat and blackjack games. The differences include:

    They are played with different number of cards and decks

    Blackjack wins are based on acquiring card values that total 21 or close to 21. On the other hand, Baccarat is played with card values that should total 9. Both games also have different sets of rules on the cards, and the card values that get you a win. For instance, in blackjack an ace can be counted as 1 or 11 while face cards (J, Q, and K) count as 10.

    On the other hand, in Baccarat, the face cards (10, J, Q, K) are worthless and do not have any value as they are counted as 0. The aces are worth 1 point. The other cards, i.e. 2 to 9 are counted at their face value. If you get a total that exceeds 10, the extra value is subtracted from the 10, such that a total of 14, will be counted as 4, i.e. after subtracting 10.

    The payouts in Blackjack and Baccarat are Different

    Blackjack payouts are relatively higher than Baccarat’s. Most blackjack variations have a house edge of about 1% or lower. In Baccarat, the house edge ranges about 1% to 1.24%. When playing blackjack, you have the option to hit or stand, surrender, double down, split and take insurance among other side bets and decisions. You have fewer decisions to make in Baccarat and hence you require less skills to play baccarat.

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