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Release the Kraken 2 game tileRelease the Kraken 2 game tile
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Reactoonz game tileReactoonz game tile
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Mental game tileMental game tile
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Wisdom of Athena game tileWisdom of Athena game tile
Provider: pragmaticplay
Poison Eve game tilePoison Eve game tile
Provider: nolimit
Gold Rush with Johnny Cash game tileGold Rush with Johnny Cash game tile
Provider: bgaming
Big Bass Bonanza game tileBig Bass Bonanza game tile
Provider: pragmaticplay
Aztec Magic Bonanza game tileAztec Magic Bonanza game tile
Provider: bgaming
Sherwood Coins: Hold and Win game tileSherwood Coins: Hold and Win game tile
Provider: playson
Sugar Rush game tileSugar Rush game tile
Provider: pragmaticplay
Legion X game tileLegion X game tile
Provider: nolimit
Pyramyth game tilePyramyth game tile
Provider: thunderkick
Wolf Gold game tileWolf Gold game tile
Provider: pragmaticplay
Bonanza Billion game tileBonanza Billion game tile
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Play Online Slots at Casitsu Casino

If you think that online slots are the same as the countless fruit machines that you know from Las Vegas, then you are very wrong. Online slot games are very varied and offer a plethora of different themes and experiences that often come with licensed content from large blockbuster movies and popular TV shows. Narcos, Avengers or Gladiator are just a few of those big franchises.

But how do online slots work? Is it just like lining up 3 cherries in a row? Well, almost but not quite. There are many ways to chain up the symbols to get a win. In fact, there are so many different possible combinations, that you are much more likely to win some money playing online slots than you are with one of those old one-armed bandits. Let's answer some common questions about online casino slots:

How do I win, playing online slots?

All online slots have spinning reels. Depending on how those reels align, you can win money. Most slots have 5 reels, but there are some with only 3, 4 or even 7 reels. Each game can have different ways of how those reels need to align with the symbols in order for cash to be won. These combinations are called paylines. There can be as many as 100 pay lines per slot. This means that your "cherries" don't have to line up in a row. They can also show up in a zig zag pattern and still let you win. The one unifying rule, however, is that the line of consecutive symbols needs to start at the first reel and continue onward. In most games you will be able to decide with how many paylines you wish to play. The more coins you wager, the more lines are opened up for you.

What does each slots symbol mean?

This depends on the online slot that you choose to play in. First an foremost: Read the manual. Each game will have a menu button that allows you to read about the rules of the specific game. These rules will tell you everything you need to know about the paylines of the online slot, bonus symbols, scatter symbols and wilds. What all games have in common, however, are wilds. Wild symbols stand for substitutes of other symbols. So if, for example, you just spun 2 cherries and a wild symbol, then you have already won something. The wild symbol will substitute the 3rd cherry that you would have needed.

How do I know what each symbol is worth in a valid payline?

As in the previous question, the game's manual will tell you everything you need to know. The manual will also show you a paytable. This table shows you how much each symbol is worth and it will also tell you the value of these symbols in certain paylines. Since every game can have its own creative style, it is sometimes hard to tell which symbol is a wild, scatter or bonus round symbol. The paytable will also clarify this and label each symbol the game features. One thing to note is that each online slots game can have a different spread of payouts. Games with a very wide range of payout across symbols have a greater variance. This can lead to much higher wins, but also harsher losses. Games with less of a variance and a more balanced approach to payouts, are much safer, but also feature smaller wins in general.

How do bonus symbols work?

This is different for each game. Again, check the paytable of the online slots game to determine how bonuses work. However, most of the time, it works like this: If, during your spin of the reels, at least 2 bonus symbols show up, you trigger a bonus round. Some games require also a third symbol to show up on the spin result. This varies from game to game. How the bonus round plays out and what needs to be done, is also explained in the game manual.

How much should I bet on each spin?

That is up to you and how safe you feel with your bankroll. Don't gamble above your means. However, note that some games pay out wins, bonuses and jackpots based on the amount of your bet. This can mean that sometimes the reward multiplier or jackpot payout is higher if you have played with the maximum possible bet per spin. Some paylines pay out more when you play with the maximum bet. Some paylines use a straight forward calculation, regardless of the amount of your bet. Check the paytable for more information.

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